Tips On Naming Your Dog Or Puppy


As the proud and responsible owner of your loving dog, you have the ultimate duty of naming your pup with a good name.

Probably, one of the thrilling aspects of naming a dog is that it is entirely up you, how you and your family name your dog.

It is also left to your level of imagination and smartness that actually decides, how you decide name and address your dog. Naming your dog is not like the elaborate naming ceremony that is connected to the naming ceremonies of babies. Neither you need to consult many family members nor balance the desires and wishes of your in-laws.




Naming your dog is a combination of smart thinking and personal decisions.

It is also a reflection of your tastes, preferences and the basic attitude and character of your dog. Though you’re at complete liberty to name and call your dog in any way you want, there are certain ground rules and conditions that you should keep in your mind.

Here are some basic ground rules and prerequisites that guide the normal naming process:


Always remember that dogs are extremely faithful, loyal, courteous and always true to you and your family members,

The factor of “faithful” or “faith” must be kept in your mind before you name your dog,

Your dog is also expected to grow with a lot of self-respect, dignity and esteem.

It also deserves its rightful place in your family hierarchy,

All the above factors are unique to dogs only and as a result, you’ll need to understand and comprehend these factors to show a keen sense of love and affection to your dog.

Fact: whatever the feelings and regards you have for you dog, one thing is absolutely certain- dog names are meant to be called loud for everyone to hear and understand.

Tip: Always remember that your dog is a public animal and you may need to consider the ultimate factors of “public and social” when naming you dog!

Caution: Never name your dog after your close relatives, friends and colleagues!

Naming your child after them is perfectly OK and alright. In fact, you may even unfairly insult and embarrass them, by keeping their name to your dog. It is also considered ungentlemanly and indecent to name your dog with a close relative’s name!

The Puppy Factor

Before you name your dog, you will also need to assess carefully, and consider who in your family is going to be the custodian of the dog.

Is it you alone? Or is it one of your elder family members?

For a change, will it be one of your children, who are going to be the primary person? If you’ve purchased a puppy for the benefit of your children, then you may consider naming that pup with a name that is easy to understand and remember by your children.

An overtly difficult-to-spell, long name will not work in the future and it may even actually cause unforeseen problems in the future.

Some Tips for Naming Your Puppy

Naming your puppy is the first obvious step towards developing a close bondage between you and your dog.

There are several ways and methods that are used to name a puppy.

Here are some tips and suggestions that will help you in learning, how you can name your puppy:

1. Keep it very short, crisp and sweet. Limit the dog name with in one or two syllable to make it easy for the dog to understand. Long dog names are known to confuse your dog, because lengthy names are incomprehensible to the canine, due to their long strange sounding intonations and wordings.

2. Always end the name with a long sounding vowel. A long vowel will help assist the dog to differentiate the name from its commands and instructions. It will also alert your dog whenever you call him loud by his name.

3. As far as possible use a dog name, instead of a human name. Though dogs are considered close us, we may not wish to get so close, as to name him with one of our own names.

4. Never mix dog commands like "sit", "down", "stay", "come", with names as your dog will start confusing commands with its name. Two examples are: “Bit” and “Sit” or “Fay” and “Stay”.

5. You’re the real master of your dog and you can definitely choose any type of name you want! But make sure that you follow some basic rules of naming your dog.

Though these are the general guidelines, there are no hard and fast rules for naming your dog.

 Once you put some effort and work, you can always select a good name for your dog. Naming your puppy is perhaps the most important step in its life; naming a pup is as important and as critical, as house breaking or crate training!

Ensure that you take the naming process as seriously as possible!

The Name Factor

Dogs always like short, small and crisp commands!

Their traits and characters make them easy to understand any name that is short and crisp in nature, be it a name or a series of obedience commands. Dog commands and instructions are always short, clipped and crisp in nature.

Likewise, even the dog’s names must be short and sweet.

Most preferably, the name that you choose for your dog must have at the maximum, three syllables. Even when you keep a lengthy name, make sure that you condense it to two or three syllable. Dogs always like names with very short handles and intonations.

The Confusion Factor

Dogs have a bare minimum ability to understand human language.

They are known to associate their reflexes and responses with any given situation, based on their previous exposures and responses. Never confuse your dog with a name that resembles one of its obedience and discipline commands!

The name that you give to your dog needs to be different and separate from those obedience commands which are used everyday.

One fine example is calling your dog as Stacy and using a command line to tell her “stay”!

The Initial Exercise

Never attempt to name your puppy immediately as soon as you bring it to your home. Every dog has its own pedigree character, in-built mannerisms, and behavioral patterns and genetic inclinations.

You may also need to keenly watch your new pup with close observation to note down its intrinsic behavior and habits.

When you note down its characters and traits, it’ll help you to find many meaningful and fitting names for your pup. Ask your family members to observe the new pup and record its behavior for at least a week or two.

The Suitability Factor

Is the name that you provide your pet really suitable? Choose a name that the dog will grow and accustom with for its entire life. The chosen name should be easy to use while calling your dog out and you must also feel happy and contented after addressing your dog.

The Syllable and Alphabet Factor

You may wish to carefully choose the alphabets and syllable that go along with the dog name.

 Names that are very strong with pronounced consonants coupled with a few syllables work very fine with your dog. The letter “S” seems to be the best letter to be used as far as dog names are considered.

Never use too many syllables in your dog name because they may really confuse your dog. Also ensure that the dog names will never resemble none of the standard command and instructions.

Do you have a pre-owned Dog?

If you’re the owner of a pre-owned dog or if you have adapted a dog from a dog care shelter, you are likely face some problems while naming the dog.

Most probably, they are already named by their previous owners. Such dogs take their names very seriously and may not accept you naming them again with a different name.

Experts recommend that retaining the same name is the most practical and compassionate way to treat the dog. Just remember this axiom: Name is forever and permanent!

General Tips to Name your Dog

Now that you know the basic fundamentals of naming a dog, you can go ahead to name your dog.

 We have a brief list of points and tips that are designed to help you out in naming your dog:

Tip: If are intending to call your dog Brandy, just remember how many times that name has been used before! Be different and innovative! Choose a different name that is really different and exciting! There are so many names out there in the world. Be daring and act smart!

Fact: Did you know that you might end up using your dog name (different dogs that come in your lifetime) more than 50,000 times in your life? Spare some breath and conserve some energy by keeping a name that is short and easy to pronounce!

Here are some steps that will help you out in naming your dog:

  • Never ever use a long name for your dog! You’re not only making things worse for your dog, but also end up in a big embarrassment in the public.
    Use two or three syllables for your name.

    Let the syllables end with a vowel sound.
    The name that you choose must clearly separate out the name from commands and instructions. Commands are usually a single syllable word, while a general string of communication is a series of words and syllables.
  • Never create confusions in the mind of your dog when naming him,
  • Naming your dog means effective public communication and a way to identify your dog. Be choosy and methodic, while naming your dog so as to prevent public confusions. Never name your dog with very common names, as there are hundreds of dogs with similar names that roam around in your neighborhood park!
  • Invite your kids (if you have) in the naming ceremony. Kids and dogs are always close together and they make a perfect combination of living beings.
  • If possible avoid using name after your close relatives and friends. Seek their permission before naming your dog after them. In fact, they may take it very seriously to see their name being used for pets!
  • Once you name you dog, ensure that you do not change it frequently, especially with older dogs. If at all you’re changing its name, ensure that the new sounds are almost similar to the old one.
  • Once you choose a name, run a brief test for a week or two. Most probably, you’ll know if the name is good or not within a week.
  • To reinforce the name, provide treats once they start responding to the given name. Dog is quick leaner and very good student.


  • Tips: All puppies have a different mental composition and composure. A few things are always different among different dogs! Such things come very handy while naming your dog!

The Factor of Appearance and Physique

How does you dog look like? What is his personality? How is his disposition and personality trait? Is he overtly very heavy or light? What are his color and personal styles?

These important physical characters will help you find a good name for your dog. Observe your dog to notice special character or mannerisms. Check out his behavior very closely for a week or so and name him after a special physical trait.

Being Different!

Nowadays, people tend to be creative as well as innovative while naming their dogs. They may break away from the basics and the convention to choose a name that could be also called “neo”! If you’re planning to veer away from those conventional names and name your dog with a non-conventional name, here are some good tips for you:

  • the latest craze among dog owners is to choose a celebrity name and make minor changes to the wordings. Celebrity names could be anything from actors, actresses, entertainment personalities, politicos, authors and media personalities. In fact, dog owners tend to pick and choose a name of their favorite stars.
  • Another imitation trend that is more common among dog owners is to name their dogs after famous TV dogs. If you want to name your dog after a famous TV dog, just remember those wonderful names such as Dino and Astro!
  • There are several instances when dogs have become an instant hit after acting in a movie! There are so many movies that have been released to project a dog’s fidelity and obedience. You can pick up a good name for your dog based on some famous dog movies.

    However, be different when you choose these names.

  • Children and kids just love to call their dogs after some well-known cartoon dog characters. Who can forget Scooby Doo or Snowy? Ask your children before you name your dog to seek their inputs and ideas.
  • Nothing could be wonderful than naming your dog with high accented and masculine German names! Remember those wonderful dog names- Kaiser or Fritz? German dog names are just wonderful given their great contribution to the world of dogs.
  • Like German tradition for great dog names, Ireland is also famous for unique dog names. Irish dog names have created a name for themselves and Irish names invoke a feeling of affection and devotion.
  • When you think of foreign dog names, you just can’t simply forget many wonderfully accented French dog names! French dog names are as good as the wonderfully balanced French society and its culture!
  • Some people may think of very weird ideas and meanings. Dog owners have the habit of naming their dogs after the names of countries, cities, religion and locality.
  • On the other hand, many dog owners name their dog after great sports and athletics personalities. These names are often the shortened forms of longish, difficult to pronounce foreign names.


Tips: You can log on to internet to search for your favorite dog name.

There are hundreds of dog books, journals and magazine on dogs where you can definitely pick up a good name.

Warning: If you’ve two or more dogs in your home, then it takes a lot of effort and intelligence, to choose a name that does not create confusion among the minds of these dogs. Make sure that the number of syllables between two names are almost similar or ensure that intonation of consonants is entirely different.

Some personality and physical traits to look for while naming your dog:

Attitude: Funny, Fearless, Fearful, Frightened, Bold, Courageous, Fickle, Intelligent, Old fashioned, Enterprising, Smart, Cunning, Curious, Inspecting, Hiding, Aggressive, Loving, Goofy, Aloof, Demanding, Cuddling, Playful, Attractive, Bohemian, Smooth, Unintelligent, Sharing, Glutton, Thrifty, Sporty, Well Mannered, Guarding, Protecting,

Physique: Small, Big, Athletic, Fluffy, Thin, Wily, Quick, Huge paws, Long, Short, Tall
Body Color: Fawn, Red, Brown, Black, Red, Steel, Chocolate, Tan, Muffled, Grey, Speckled, Tanned
Fur and Hair: Thick coated, Short coated, Long hair, Hairless, Coiled hair, Curly hair.
Pedigree: European or American, African or Asian, Icelandic or Norge, Arctic or Desert, Pure breed or mix, Kennel club classified or unclassified.

Type of Breed: Working, Herding, Protection, Guarding, Toy, Classic, Military, Sport, Police

Once you identify your dog’s inherent behavior and breed character, you can start choosing a suitable name. Finally, name that is chosen should correlate approximately with the traits and characters of the pup. Or, the name must represent the classic behavioral pattern of your dog.

Call name or Nick name?

Many pure bred dogs are named with a long registered name. However, it may be little awkward to address this purebred dog with its long name. In fact, a long name is not suitable for everyday purposes and, you’ll need to shorten the long name into a brief call name. Call names work wonderfully in any given situations.

On the other hand, you can also call your dog with its favorite nick name. Though there is not much to differentiate between a call name and a nick name, you may wish to think carefully to select a name that best fits your dog.

Human Names and Dogs
Human names are getting increasingly common while naming a pet dog. However, never offend people by naming your dog after them.

How to register a dog name?

A registering society may not authorize dog’s name, if it is found to duplicate some other registered name. It may also reject the dog’s name, if they feel that it is unsuitable. There are also many restrictions regarding the number of letters that are used in the name or the number of syllables in the name. You must follow all protocols and regulations while registering your dog with a canine society.


Most Popular Dog Names

For a number of years, dog owners have shown an inclination in naming their dog based on human names.

Nowadays, dog owners also feel that their dogs are the part and parcel their family. This emotional attachment and close association has led to the belief that dogs do deserve a human name. In most household, dogs are considered as another child and this equation has also led to the feeling that dogs must be given their due as far as their names are concerned.

Just take a look at this news snippet!

According to a recent announcement by the Health Department of US, the entire list of popular name of dogs is dominated by some famous and frequent names.

Fact: It was really surprising to note that “Max” topped the list of famous dog names.

This name was found to be engraved on 1,228 of the 101,274 dog licenses that were issued last year.

Lucky and Princess occupied the second and third spot respectively.

On the other hand, Rocky and Buddy occupied fourth and fifth positions respectively.

It was also surprising to see that mixed breeds outnumbered all other varieties and they were followed by Labrador Retrievers.

Pit Bulls came on the third place, while Shih-Tzus secured the fourth place.

Here are the lists of the most popular dog names and breeds (Data: Dept of Health, USA):


Most Popular Dog Names

1. Max

2. Lucky

3. Princess

4. Rocky

5. Buddy

6. Coco

7. Daisy

8. Lucy

9. Lady

10. Shadow

Most Popular Dog Breeds

1. Mixed

2. Labrador Retriever

3. Pit bull

4. Shih-Tzu

5. German Shepherd

6. Yorkshire Terrier

7. Chihuahua

8. Poodle

9. Maltese

10. Cocker Spaniel


As per Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI), the ten most popular dog names based on the policy holder’s enquires are:

1. Max, 2. Baily, 3.Buddy, 4. Molly, 5. Maggie, 6. Lucie, 7. Daisy, 8. Bella, 9. Jake, and 10. Rocky

Though these names are at variance with the Health Department’s list, there are some common names that frequent both lists.

According to Oscar Group of UK (famous pet food suppliers), British dog owners are becoming very adventurous and innovative, by naming their dogs with different and highly innovative dog names. Traditional names are being given away to be replaced by off-beat, unusual and unconventional names.

Though the all-time favorite name “Max” still leads the list (11% vote), names like Sam, Meg, Ben, Holly, Charlie, Oscar, Barney and Millie closely follow the leader.


British dog owners are found to draw their inspiration from a diverse sources that include right from confectionary (Rolo, Cadbury and Twix), Food (Chips and Brie), Literature and films (Merlin and Brown) and even favorite tipples like Stella and Guiness!

Dog owners have also taken a liking for celebrities and sport stars like Kylie, Tyson, Jordan, Britney, Beckham and Rio! Famous people are also included in the dog name list. Examples were Dusty, Paris, Bilson, Brody, Penny, Jake and Sara.

Most popular Names

Dog Name

Max, Molly, Sam, Meg, Ben, Holly, Charlie, Oscar, Barney

Brand Names

Diesel Bentley Levi Oakley Gucci Kenzo Porsche Prada Chanel

Celebrity Names

Travis, Kylie, Keano, Jordan, Lennon, Stevie Wonder, Britney Jimmy, Clinton

Sports Star Names

Tyson, Rio, Lennox, Fergie, Beckham, Rooney, Keegan

Fiction Names

Casper, Merlin, Charlie Brown, Lassie, Gromitt, Gulliver, Mr Darcey, Frodu, Kojak

Alcohol Names

Tia, Brandy, Guiness, Stella, Hooch, Becks, Sherry, Whiskey, Smirnoff, Boddingtons

Bakery Names

Rolo, Toffee, Cadbury, Treacle, Chocolate, Wispa, Fudge, Twix

Food Names

Branston, Chips, Mustard, Pumpkin, Noodle, Peanut, Brie, Ketchup

Unusual Names

Dyson, Hoover, Midland Fuel, Chickens, Silly Wart, Big Nose, Van Dog, Lettuce

Here are the other lists for both male and female dog names:

Male Dog Names


Female Dog Names



It also provides us plenty of clues why some names are frequently repeated over and over again. The name “Max” seems to be the current flavor, just because it is dead easy to utter that name and it is also very easy for dogs to comprehend and understand.

Molly is another name that is so common and frequent among female dogs. It is another name that has very easy syllables and a clear intonation that is understood without any ambiguity.

There are many other bits of information and details that are associated by this list:

  • All the above names are mostly one or two syllables in construction,
  • None of the seem like commands and instructions,
  • These names are all very friendly, cordial, courteous and mild,
  • Even kids can use these names without any chances of mispronunciation


There was a time when dog owners used to name their dogs after their physical or personality traits and characters. One of the best examples of a dog that is named after its physical trait is Rocket, meaning the dog that runs like a missile!

But, the trend has changed now and dog owners of the day, like to name their dog after human names.

Here another survey that was conducted in the city of San Francisco:

Of about 12,500 dogs that are registered in the city, 137 are called Max, while the most famous dog name of all times, FIDO has just one occurrence in the list. Almost seven of the ten dog breeds surveyed were named after humans. Molly, Jake, Lucy and Sam are all other common dog names.

However, Sam is the most popular dog name in the entire North American continent for more than a decade, while names like Max, Maggie, Buddy, Tasha, Chelsea, Brandy, Ginger and Taffy are the other common names.

Fact and Trivia: The study of names is called ONOMASTICS

Recent research findings point out to an interesting fact- Naming pets is an emotional behavior and a human tendency. Man likes to name his or her pets with names that bring them some form of happiness and good tidings.

While men took the initiatives to name dogs, women often never get interfered in naming dogs.

 While men liked to name dogs with names that sounded very masculine and bold, women always liked giving very feminine and smooth names.

Another interesting trivia: Dogs that bite frequently are often named “Rocky”!

As per the Health Department records, most of the bite cases were related to the name “Rocky” which was followed by other names like Max and Zeke.

(So if you meet a Rocky, be careful... ;-)

Another interesting observation is the demise of that old name: Fido! Even Rover are being taken off the list by dog owners. Kids often liked the cartoon name “Simba” and “Snowy”.


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